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Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until July 1, 2019.

How do I preview the application and apply?

Get more information about the application process, or review a preview of the application.

Please note only applications submitted through the online portal will be accepted.

Access the online application.

What types of projects can my school apply for?

Projects should support implementation strategies for an item(s) on the school's action plan.

Project examples can be found within your Alliance for a Healthier Generation Action Plan. To access:

  • Login to your Alliance for a Healthier Generation Account
  • Visit the Action Plan section and review the Implementation Strategies associated with each Action Item. This section contains helpful information and ideas on how to implement each Action Item and use your WISE grant dollars.
  • If you still have questions, feel free to use the Get Help section on your Account page to contact an Alliance for a Healthier Generation staff person to assist

Project examples can also be found in Wellness Stories on the Alliance website:

Are there any restrictions on what WISE grants can be used for?

Funding restrictions are discussed on the application process page.

Can I hand deliver or mail my WISE application?

No. Applications must be submitted online

How do you define a "school"?

The Foundation defines a school as having one principal. If multiple grade ranges (i.e., K-5, 8-12) share a facility or property, but each grade range has their own principal, each can apply for WISE funding.

After you apply

Woman in cafe submitting application.

The BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Foundation will review your application. If approved, the primary grant contact will be notified of award details and next steps.

If your application is denied

You may re-apply. If you're approved for funding, you are ineligible to apply for another WISE grant until your current grant closes.

About Funding

Is there a maximum dollar amount for WISE grant requests?

Schools will be eligible to receive funds as determined by school size and Federal Title I status, which is designated to schools with higher percentages of children from low-income families. 

The maximum amount a school is eligible to apply for is outlined below:

  • Small (less than 500 students enrolled): $4,000 if Title 1/$2,000 if not Title 1
  • Medium (between 500 and 700 students enrolled): $6,000 if Title 1/$4,000 if not Title 1
  • Large (more than 700 students enrolled): $8,000 if Title 1/$6,000 if not Title 1
Do you have a minimum or maximum grant term length?

Grant terms are for a maximum of one year. There is no minimum grant term length, but only one grant is allowable per 12-month period.

Are indirect Costs Allowable?

Indirect costs are not allowable.

Who is authorized to sign the grant agreement?

The school district superintendent or the district-authorized representative are authorized to sign the grant agreement. 

Working with Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Children attending school

You must have completed the Alliance for a Healthier Generation online assessment within the past 12 months and have completed or updated a corresponding AHG Wellness Action Plan within the past 12 months to be eligible for grant funds. 

You can use the AHG website to complete your online assessment or to create your action plan.


Please contact Beth Barry, Senior Program Manager SC, at or 803-787-2104

How Can I Sign My School or District Up to Participate in FitnessGram?

For more information on FitnessGram, contact Lori Phillips, at or (803) 898-1649.