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About the Foundation

We are a statewide health funder committed to improving health outcomes for current and future generations of South Carolinians.

Our Work

The BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Foundation was established in 2001. The Foundation issues grants to support projects that aim to promote the health of South Carolinians and to increase access to health care for the economically disadvantaged. 

Our Vision

To bridge health and health care in South Carolina. 

Our Mission

The mission of the BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Foundation is to promote and support healthier South Carolinians, particularly the economically vulnerable, by supporting solutions to address gaps in health care and serving as an agent of change to support innovation and value-added public-private partnerships. 

Our Values

We have a unique position as a statewide health funder that allows us to support select systemic population health issues and approaches across South Carolina.

  • We look to partner with grantees to both increase effectiveness towards better health outcomes and contribute to organizational and programmatic sustainability.
  • We seek to support efforts that represent community and statewide priorities that are locally determined, culturally relevant and data-informed solutions.
  • We support efforts that generate data, connect learning to action, and use data for continuous improvement.
  • We recognize that improving health is complex and is influenced as much by one's environment as it is by the individual therefore we look to have an array of projects that are designed to provide direct care to the economically vulnerable and address policy, systems, and environmental changes.
  • We prioritize efforts that will support future generations of South Carolinians.
  • We are a catalytic funder, supporting projects as they gain sustainability by leveraging funds from key partners and we value innovative projects that can expand to multiple geographic areas in South Carolina

Our Staff 

Our staff is dedicated to the goal of making South Carolina a better place to live by improving healthcare outcomes for vulnerable citizens.

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Contact Us 

If you need to get in touch with the Foundation, you can reach out to one of our staff members directly, or you can submit a message directly through our form.

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Our health-focused grants help organizations address policies and systems to improve overall health.

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Our WISE grants help schools implement plans designed to promote wellness.

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South Carolina Free Clinic Association

Multiple grants from the Foundation have allowed the Association to support free clinics across the state.