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In partnership with Diabetes Free SC, we’re aligning the efforts of diabetes-focused community partners across the Palmetto State.

Why we prioritize diabetes

Over half a million South Carolinians are living with diabetes. Each year, close to 25,000 new individuals in the Palmetto State are diagnosed with this condition, which remains one of the most pressing issues facing our state today.

Diabetes Free SC

To contend with this mounting public health crisis, BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina and the Foundation launched the Diabetes Free SC initiative in 2020.

Developed in partnership with the Alliance for a Healthier SC and the South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control, Diabetes Free SC aims to align existing efforts to fight diabetes while also engaging South Carolinians to live healthier lives.

Strategic Directions

The following Strategic Directions shape the work of Diabetes Free SC:

  1. To improve pregnancy outcomes in women who have diabetes
  2. To reduce lifelong risk of diabetes in children
  3. To prevent diabetes and its complications in adults

Explore the Diabetes Free SC website to learn more about these Strategic Directions, as well as their mission, their long-term vision for the Palmetto State, and the various partnerships that they've cultivated in order to advance these goals.

Proposals for Funding

The Foundation is not accepting unsolicited proposals for diabetes-related projects at this time.

Please connect with the Diabetes Free SC team at to discuss your organization's work and to assess potential for collaboration in the future.

In South Carolina, 26,000 individuals are diagnosed with diabetes each year.