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Grant FAQs

Our spring grant cycle Letter of Intent is due in February and our fall cycle Letter of Intent is due in August. If you miss the deadline you will need to wait for the next grant cycle.

The Foundation does not provide grant writing assistance. However, we are available to answer questions and provide limited guidance during the process.

New Applicant FAQs       Current Grantee FAQs

Your Funding

Is there a maximum dollar amount for grant requests?

No, but the proposed budget must justify the requested amount. Amounts requested may differ from any amount awarded.

Do you have a minimum or maximum grant term?

No, grant terms are at the discretion of the grantee.

Are indirect costs allowable?

Indirect costs are not allowable.

Are there any additional restrictions on Foundation funds?

Funding restrictions are discussed within the application steps.

Does the Foundation support events or sponsorships?

The Foundation does not provide funding for events or sponsorship. There is funding available for these types of requests through BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Corporate Giving. To apply for funding through Corporate Giving, create a user login and password before creating an application. 

For additional assistance, please review Corporate Giving's Frequently Asked Questions.

Your Letter of Intent

Any eligible organization interested in applying for a grant needs to submit a letter of intent first. 

How many copies of the Letters of Intent per organization can be submitted?

One Letter of Intent per organization per funding cycle can be submitted.

What attachments can I include with my Letter of Intent or application?

Any attachments or unrequested documents will not be reviewed nor included with your application.

Can I hand deliver my Letter of Intent or application?

No. You must submit the Letter of Intent and invited application on the grant portal.

How many copies of the Letter of Intent or application do I need to submit?

One copy.

If the Foundation denies a Letter of Intent or application, can an organization be reconsidered in a future funding cycle?

Yes, the process is the same as for first-time submissions. To be reconsidered, an organization must begin the grant process with a Letter of Intent.

My organization has submitted a Letter of Intent. What next?

We will review your Letter of Intent within approximately two weeks from the deadline date. We will then notify you if you are invited to submit an application, or if we have not accepted your Letter of Intent.

Your Full Application

After we review the letters of intent, we will invite a select number of organizations to submit a full application.

Are we guaranteed that the Foundation will award us a grant?

No. Also, if the Foundation awards a grant, it may be for less or more funds than the amount you requested.

When will I know the status?

The Foundation Board reviews the applications approximately eight weeks after the application due date. We will advise you of your application's status following the board review.

Who makes the final decision regarding approval or denial of a grant?

The BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Foundation board of directors reviews the applications and determines grant awards.

What is the estimated start date for grants to become effective?

Grants will become effective once the grant agreements are fully executed. For the spring funding cycle, the estimated start date is early June. For the fall funding cycle, the estimated start date is early January.

Your Current Grant

What grant reports are required?

Grant reports are typically due every six months and the scheduled due dates can be found in your grant agreement. Reminder emails are sent to the grant contact prior to the report due date. If the contact on the grant changes during the grant period, please contact us. Grant reports include a written narrative and financial report and need to be submitted using the online grant portal.

Do I need approval to use the Foundation name or logo?


Before using our logo or name in any document, social media reference, or press release to be shared with the public, please email Jenesha Nance and she will review the document for name and brand compliance. Please give the Foundation at least seven business days for review.

Our name should always be listed as the BlueCross® BlueShield® of South Carolina Foundation. On the second reference, and thereafter, you can use “Foundation.” Please do not use BCBSSC. We face fines when our name or logo is used incorrectly. We are happy to help you in any way to ensure our name and logo is in compliance.

Additionally, wherever our name or logo is used, please include the boilerplate, which reads: 
The BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Foundation is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

How do I request a revision to my grant budget?

We understand that the budget submitted with your proposal is an estimate and is likely to change over the course of the project. If changes are less than 10 percent of the total project budget or no greater than $5,000 (whichever is less), grantees may make adjustments to their budget without prior approval. If changes exceed those amounts, please reach out to your program officer, Lindsey Kilgo, to request a budget change.

How do I request approval to carry over grant funds?

Unspent funds can be carried forward to the following year within the original line items without prior approval. If funds need to be re-distributed among line items, please request a budget change from your program officer, Lindsey Kilgo

How do I request an extension to the end date of my grant?

Please contact your program officer, Lindsey Kilgo, to discuss a no cost extension. A no cost extension extends the end date of your grant to allow for additional time to spend down funds if needed due to delays during the original grant period.