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What does the Foundation look for in a Letter of Intent?

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As we launch in to 2019, the BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Foundation invites interested South Carolina nonprofits to submit a Letter of Intent, due Feb. 13, 2019.


The Foundation seeks to improve the health of South Carolina's economically disadvantaged and looks to partner with nonprofits and agencies that share our mission and values.


The primary criteria used in the review process are:

  1. What impact would this project have to improve the health of South Carolinians?
  2. Will this project primarily serve the economically disadvantaged?

Additionally, the following considerations are made when reviewing a letter of intent:

  • The reputation and financial health of the applicant organization
  • The potential impact or health benefit of the project
  • The necessity of the project and stakeholder support of efforts
  • The ability of the program to expand or sustain operations

There is an additional list of items or services the Foundation will not award funds for. If your letter of intent contains these items, it will be removed from consideration.


If you are interested in partnering with the Foundation to improve the health of South Carolina, please submit your letter of intent online.