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Gathering of the Foundation's Spring 2019 Grantees

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On July 26, 2019 the Foundation hosted its first get together for the Spring 2019 grantees for a time to meet each other and learn about each other’s projects and organizations. The aim for this meeting was to foster cross-pollination of ideas across grantees and build a sense of community and connection. The Foundation also sought to hear firsthand from our grantees about challenges they face and feedback on the application process that we could improve.

We made sure to poll our grantees to ensure this was a valuable use of their time and received a resounding “Yes!” in response. Many people were able to make connections with other organizations that could benefit their shared client population. Moving forward, the Foundation plans to continue gathering grantees but also getting our Spring 2019 grantees together again to continue building relationships and learning together about challenges they face and opportunities they see.