Mobile Healthcare

Richland County Emergency Services Department saves lives and property. The department provides professional and cost-effective emergency and public safety planning, preparedness programs, response and recovery to Richland County citizens and visitors. Additionally, Richland County Emergency Services Department is the sole provider of EMS in Richland County.


Richland County Emergency Services Department: Reducing Emergency Visits

To combat these statistics, we provide the salaries and training for six community paramedics. These paramedics use Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH). MIH is a community-based model of care that uses paramedics to reach out to patients at home, in a shelter or on the street. This prevents:

  • Inappropriate or avoidable EMS calls
  • Unnecessary visits to the emergency department
  • Avoidable inpatient admissions (or re-admissions)

Looking Forward

So far, the paramedics have completed their classroom training, and Richland County Emergency Services Department completed the equipment and vehicle assignments and issued equipment. Lastly, the enrollment targeted was achieved and includes 88 patients. This brings the total contact to 208 patients from Sept. 21, 2015, to June 1, 2016. Ambulance transport usually costs $590. This service costs 72.69 percent less and made a reduction of 202 EMS responses. This means EMS has saved $119,180 so far.